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Does your business need a virtual presence?  


Are you tired of the little things continuously falling through the cracks?  Are you tracking your transactions with an Excel spreadsheet?  Or not tracking them at all?  Maybe you are succesfully managing your own transactions, but it's starting to become overwhelming.  Your business is growing and you want to go to the next level by no longer being involved in day-to-day administrative tasks that tie you down to the office.  Communication, documentation, and tracking are major components of running a smooth and efficient office.


Are you ready to have your best business year yet?  Now’s the time to gear up your 2023 business plan and get ready to push your business to a whole new level.  If your real estate business is in need of systems and support, with today's technology allow Virtual Office Suite to manage your transactions from contract-to-close and build your referral based business.  


Relationship Marketing Management 


Are you always laser focused on your current deal while ignoring building relationships with past clients?


Do you have a system in place to send thank you notes, follow-up cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, listing campaign postcards, congratulations cards, home purchase anniversary cards and closing cards and gifts?


Do you have good intentions for personal communication but just don't have the time?


If this decribes you, you're not alone!  Most agents do not have a system for building their referral business or staying in contact with prospects, people they meet and connect with, clients and referral partners.


Past clients are the easiest and most profitable source of new business for any real estate agent.  How much is a new client worth to you?


A successful real estate professional should always focus on building relationships.


Why build relationships? A good relationship with your prospects, clients and referral partners is the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. From the very first contact you have with a person, you are constantly building relationships. Each time you list a house or show a buyer a property, it strengthens that bond between you.


Real estate offers a unique opportunity for relationship building because a lot of time can pass from when someone expresses interest to when they actually make a purchase or sell their home through you. Build a relationship and the accompanying trust and you’ll establish yourself as an expert which will increase your referrals from your past clients and referral partners.


Staying in contact builds relationships, close more sales and builds your business faster through relationship marketing.


How do you get more referrals from past clients and referral partners if you simply just don't have time?


Don't become irrelevant after the transaction.  After all, what happens when your clients have to move in a few years because their family is growing?  Ask yourself - with your current system, will your clients remember to contact you?  Or will they contact your competitor who is farming their neighborhood?   


Even top producers can have trouble maintaining a relationship with clients after they've handed over the keys.




There is way to make follow-up much easier. Allow Virtual Office Suite to assist you in building your business with a competitive client retention strategy using Send Out Cards.  


We will manage your Send Out Cards campaign.  


  • Set-up your account

  • Import your contact list into the Send Out Cards system

  • Create and send personalized greeting cards

  • Create and maintain campaigns 

  • Use the reminder service to help you remember special days (birthday, closing anninversary) 

  • Send closing gifts 


Have you heard of Send Out Cards?  For a small monthly investment, having the ability to send customized greeting cards and gifts can be a powerful business tool to help make sure your clients know just how important they are!


Imagine how good it would feel to reach more people, make more connections and change more lives by sending personalized greeting cards and gifts from the comfort of your computer or phone.  


Contact me TODAY to learn how Send Out Cards can help your real estate business.




Transaction Coordination


While a Transaction Coordinator spends an average of 12.5 hours on a typical transaction, the average agent spends approximately 19 hours managing a transaction. How many properties can you show in 19 hours?  How many leads can you follow-up with in 19 hours?  How many listing and buyer presentations can you do in 19 hours?  How many offers can you submit in 19 hours?  


Often we lose time, money and prospects under the umbrella of “I don't need help, I will do it myself" or "I don't have enough business to justify hiring a Transaction Coordinator."


Whether you have 2 or 20 closings per month, you can't afford to NOT partner with Virtual Office Suite. Our virtual contract to close service allows you time to spend on income producting activities to drive new business for your business and time for what really matters - your family. 


In this relationship type business, nothing is more important that building and cultivating your referral and repeat client based business.  Have you been in touch with your clients that closed last month, last year?  Are you on social media to know that your first time homebuyers had their first child and now need a larger home?  Are you scheduling regular lunch meetings with your referral partners?  Are you paying for Zillow and Trulia leads and are so overwhelmed that you don't have time to follow-up?  Are you missing your son's games because your're always catching up with paperwork? 


Or are you spending your time chasing down paperwork for missing signatures, scheduling inspections, filling out the title company's agent disbursement form and uploading documents to your Broker's compliance portal to ensure you get paid at settlement?   


Are you ready to move your ratified contracts to a successful closing with ease and lose of sleep of trying to manage it all?  


What does a Transaction Coordinator do?  


  • Review ratified contract for missing signatures, initials, dates and all required addenda are included. 


  • Submit contract to lender, title company and Broker.


  • Create a web-based transaction management file with secure access for agent to monitor all communication throughout the transaction.


  • Set-up and maintain web-based document file (paperless) for agent's access during the transaction. 


  • Note and track contingency dates.  Send deadline reminders, if needed.  


  • Change status in MLS and CSS (if agent has MRIS assistant login). 


  • Coordinate and schedule home, termite and other inspections per contract.  Ensure inspection reports are obtained within the correct time frame. 


  • Prepare home inspection repair addendum at the instruction and final review of the agent.  


  • Follow-up with title company and lender for weekly updates.


  • Serve as the point of contact/liason to all parties throughout the transaction.      


  • Obtain completed Verification of Earnest Money Deposit form.


  • Complete the title company's transaction information form. 


  • Follow-up and coordinate (if applicable) scheduling appraisal and follow-up on status with lender. 


  • Prepare addenda at the instruction and final review of the agent and obtain signatures throughout transaction. 


  • Ensure HOA resale package is orderd in a timely manner.     


  • Order home warranty (if applicable). 


  • Ensure all contingency dates have been removed.


  • Ensure file is compliance approved with Broker and commission disbursement form is completed prior to closing. 


  • Follow-up with lender on final loan approval and timeframe for submitting closing docs to title company.  


  • Follow-up with title company on receipt of docs and preparation of preliminary/final HUD for agent review.


  • Coordinate and schedule final walk through and time and location for settlement with all parties.


  • Collect all repair receipts and ensure repairs are completed prior to final walk through.


  • Obtain utility information and submit to buyer’s agent. Confirm with seller that final utilities will be ordered.


  • Arrange for final possession of manuals, garage door openers, etc. 


  • Forward ALTA to agent for review. 


  • Provide seller/buyer wire instructions and other documentation required at settlement.  


  • Update agent's database with seller's new address and set-up post closing marketing (if agent is a Send Out Cards customer). 


  • Obtain final ALTA for file. 


  • Order sign removal, change MLS status and remind agent to remove lockbox. 


  • Forward electronic copy of file to buyer/seller for their records. 


What if Virtual Office Suite did all this for you!!  Imagine the peace of mind of knowing your transactions will be managed from contract-to-close.



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